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Fineprint | 19 Dec 2023

Business choices when in financial difficulty

When your business is facing financial strife, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We recommend you contact us for guidance to support you through the process.

Fineprint | 14 Dec 2023

Generative AI and copyright

Many businesses have been using artificial intelligence (AI) for a long time to gather insights into their data and make strategic decisions... As a certain spider once said: With great power comes great responsibility. 

Fineprint | 11 Dec 2023

Changes ahead for retirement

You, or someone you know, may be considering a move into a retirement village. It is a big decision, involving lifestyle choices as well as a significant financial commitment. 

Fineprint | 08 Dec 2023

Children and separation

The time following a separation can be highly emotional – for you and your spouse or partner, and for your children.

Fineprint | 16 Aug 2023

Land covenants

If you are buying a property in a newly or recently built residential subdivision, the odds are that the title will come with various covenants registered against it. These covenants are likely to place restrictions on the ways in which the owners can use and enjoy their properties.