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Like it or not, regulatory compliance is a necessary part of today’s business practices. And it’s crucial to get it right to avoid disgruntled customers, fines or court procedures. That’s where Simpson Western can step in. As specialist compliance experts, we’re highly experienced at sorting out the red tape for businesses, quickly and efficiently.

Simpson Western is affiliated with the Financial Services Federation, which means we provide advice to both the industry body and its members. Our team is regularly consulted about the implications of the latest compliance reform: in fact, clients from a wide range of industries seek our advice and opinions, including retailers, car dealerships, transport companies and construction firms.

Our regulatory team makes sure we’re on top of the latest regulations, whether it’s consumer law and financial compliance, the Fair Trading Act, the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Consumer Credits Finance Act, the Commerce Act, the Privacy Act or the Anti-money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act.

Which means not only can we advise on resolving compliance issues, we can proactively ensure you avoid any issues in the first place.


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