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Simpson Western | 09 Oct 2019

What's mine is yours?

The Law Commission's final recommendations for changes to the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.

Fineprint | 11 Apr 2019

Property (Relationships) Act 1976 changes

The law governing the division of property when a relationship ends is, after more than 40 years, set to change following the Law Commission’s comprehensive review...

Trust eSpeaking | 22 Feb 2019

Accessing the assets of a trust

What the future may hold for separating couples with a trust

Simpson Western | 05 Nov 2018

Dividing relationship property

We look at the Law Commission's recent recommendations for changing how property is divided at the end of a relationship.

Tom Sanders | 06 Sep 2018

When is a trust not a trust?

A recent decision of the High Court of England and Wales has wide reaching implications for New Zealand trust law and the Property (Relationships) Act 1976.

Jess Shaw | 18 May 2018

Pets and separation

Who gets to keep the pooch?  When a relationship ends it's often difficult for couples to decide who should keep the family pet.

Fineprint | 03 Apr 2018

Economic disparity at the end of a relationship

A large number of relationships still follow the ‘traditional’ practice of having one party act as the ‘homemaker’, while the other acts as the ‘breadwinner’- so what happens if the relationship breaks up?

Trust eSpeaking | 23 Feb 2018

Option A or Option B?

When your spouse or partner dies you will need to make a very important decision between your entitlements under their will and potential claims against their estate...

JESS SHAW | 26 Jul 2017

Relationship property: the Clayton case

The implications of the Clayton case a year on - has it really exposed trusts in relationship property situations? >

Trust eSpeaking | 01 Sep 2016

Trusts under attack

Trusts can sometimes be used to protect assets from future claims by a former spouse or de facto partner. Trustees need to be cautious... >