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Candice Murphy | 02 Aug 2016

Employment legislation changes

The Employment Standards Legislation Bill, out 1 April 2016, brings a raft of changes to employment law, this affects employment relations and employment standards. We summarise the main changes here... >

Candice Murphy | 01 Aug 2016

Health & Safety Work Act

We summarise below the most significant parts of the new Act that comes into force on 4 April 2016, and steps you should be taking to prepare. Here's what you need to know.>

Candice Murphy | 02 Sep 2015

Redundancy and restructuring - update

Employers need to take care when proposing to make employees redundant. The recent Court of Appeal decision in Grace Team Accounting v Brake has confirmed a growing body of cases with the courts putting restructuring and redundancy decisions under increased scrutiny. >

Candice Murphy | 01 Sep 2015

A policy suite for all employers

Employers should ensure they have policies and procedures in place to comply with their employment, and health and safety obligations, and to deal with common employee issues that arise. Here's a summary of what most workplaces should have... >

Candice Murphy | 31 Aug 2015

Employment Relations Act changes

The Employment Relations Amendment Act 2104 brings a raft of changes aimed at increasing flexibility for both employers and employees. We summarise below the main changes that may affect you and your business. >