Simpson Western | 24 Jul 2019

Podcast: Are Prenups worth doing?

“Are Prenups worth the paper they are written on?” This was the question posed to our Relationship Property Partner Candice Murphy by Simon Barnett and Phil Gifford...

Simpson Western | 17 Jul 2019

Podcast: Episode 7

You have identified an employee who plays an important role in your business. You want to reward their efforts and offer an incentive that keeps them invested in growth of the business. Do you bring them on as a minority shareholder?

Simpson Western | 03 May 2019

Podcast: Episode 6

For all of our clients, or prospective clients considering letting your property using a peer-to-peer home sharing model like 'air-bnb' we have put together some points for you to consider.

Simpson Western | 01 May 2019

Podcast: Episode 5

For our clients or prospective clients who are looking to purchase a home, think about inclusion of a requirement for a building report. In this podcast we consider the type of report you should seek.

Simpson Western | 22 Feb 2019

Podcast: Episode 4

A brief reminder of the need to consider any changes which have occurred within your business which might impact on Workplace Health and Safety. Have you completed a recent compliance check?

Simpson Western | 22 Feb 2019

Podcast: Episode 3

It's a new year and perhaps you have decided to put your personal affairs in order? This podcast highlights a few points to consider in relation to your will and whether an Enduring Power of Attorney is right for you.

Simpson Western | 07 Dec 2018

Podcast: Episode 2

In NZ, we have high rates of divorce. With relationships being finite in these times, the division of property at the end of a relationship can be a highly emotional topic, and people aren't always at their best in terms of negotiation...

Simpson Western | 05 Nov 2018

Podcast: Episode 1

In our first podcast of the Did You Know series, we look at the legal issues which might arise when purchasing property with family members.