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An original idea is worth gold to any business, as long as it’s carefully protected. Our experienced IP team can help you to realise the commercial potential of your intellectual property (IP), and ensure you’re getting the best possible returns.

Whether it’s a product, process, design or a brand, your IP can be your most valuable intangible asset. We aim to provide smart, practical and proactive advice on all aspects of your IP: from brand protection to trade marks and copyrights, to licensing, franchising, royalties and license fees.

We can help you build up a valuable IP portfolio by identifying and managing your IP in the first place, and ensuring it’s well protected against competitors or infringements. Once that’s in place, we can also assist you in creating new revenue streams and extracting further value from your IP through licensing, franchising and sale of IP ownership rights.

And in the case of an infringement, or if legal action is needed, you can be assured that we can quickly and robustly defend your IP and ensure that what’s yours, remains yours.


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