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Contracts are the backbone of any business, be it shareholder or partnership agreements, franchising and licensing agreements, terms of trade, project contracts or offer documents. That’s where we come in. Our team has decades of experience at sorting out both the big picture and the small print of any commercial contract.

At Simpson Western, our in-depth knowledge of all things regulatory and contractual means we can draft, negotiate and administer all types of contracts. Contracts for employment, buying and selling goods and services, raising funds, distribution and supply agreements, loan and security agreements, restructured deeds, co-ownership arrangements, capital raising and offer documents, not to mention strategic alliances and other business arrangements: we handle them all. 

Whatever the contract, it always pays to run it by us – or better still, ask us to draft it for you. We aim to draft contracts in plain English as much as possible, so all parties can understand them and know exactly where they stand. We can also help you establish systems and develop standard terms and conditions to help you manage your day-to-day contracts.


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